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Say goodbye to manual user access reviews

The trusted solution to automate and deliver best-practice user access reviews for every system in your business.

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User Access Reviews Made Easy

Could your organization quickly identify who has access to your most critical data, applications or systems? 

The problem is, user access auditing is time-consuming and is out-of-date by the time the data is compiled. In this environment, effective security risk management is almost impossible.

RightCrowd Access Analytics lets you automate, monitor, report, and audit user access across every system in your business. This empowers team leaders to evaluate user access rights and make more effective compliance decisions in a timely manner.

Audit User Access for Any System

RightCrowd Access Analytics

Take the Misery out of
User Access Reviews

Don’t let time-consuming access reviews slow you down. Automate them to streamline compliance, improve identity management, and save hundreds of hours. Forget the manual spreadsheets!


Powered by RightCrowd’s patented relationship technology, our solution provides real-time visibility into access rights and mitigates security risks across all your systems in a single view.

ISO 27001 User Access Reviews

Identify User Access Risks

Define your own controls to monitor. Detect suspicious combinations of user access from any cloud, on-premise, in-house or legacy application.

Identity Governance

Get detailed user access reporting tailored to your standards, controls and evidence.

Boost Productivity

Forget about manual spreadsheets. Our solution automatically maps, measures and monitors inappropriate access on a daily basis.

Mitigate Risk

Easily review privileged access accounts and Segregation of Duty controls.

Reduce Audit Time & Cost

Proof of compliance is just a few clicks away. 

You can reduce audit time by automating your 

user access reviews.

Improve Compliance

Demonstrate user access compliance improvement across every standard or regulation (ISO 27001 etc). 

How it Works

RightCrowd Access Analytics maps, measures and monitors access compliance requirements across your systems daily, including privileged access, shared user accounts, unused or terminated accounts, and more. So you can improve compliance outcomes faster.

Schedule Automatic User Access Reviews

Step 1

Schedule User Access Reviews

Program user access review campaigns for any compliance standard or regulation, including ISO 27001, SOC, SOX, HITRUST, PCIDSS, HIPAA etc.

Step 2

Approve Self-Service Portal

The secure approval portal, delivers access reviews split by teams, systems and standards. This allows you to monitor for any suspicious or increase in user access rights over time.

User Access Review Software - Dashboard Portal
User access review

Step 3

Remediation Ticket Created

Easily interface with ITSM or IGA systems to update changes to user access rights. Corrective actions can be checked automatically to ensure they have been resolved.

Step 4

Review Evidence Stored

Easily access reporting and evidence to demonstrate controls and compliance, and respond to auditors more quickly.

User Access Review Report

The Benefits

Why Choose RightCrowd Access Analytics?

RightCrowd Access Analytics delivers up-to-date user access information to reduce the pressure during audits and support your compliance programs.

With an automatic review process, your teams can spend less time on manual review tasks and demonstrate compliance more quickly.

Get Back In Control of User Access Reviews

Large numbers of siloed systems make user access reporting complex and time consuming to deliver. The solution is standard agnostic and focuses on simplifying user access reviews, compliance and audits.

User Access Changes Everyday

User access can mean a complex mix of employees and contractors, but in many organizations, access extends to vendors, partners, customers and devices. And its complicated because it changes every day. RightCrowd Access Analytics delivers up-to-date user access information to support your compliance programs.

Compliance Programs Can Now Keep Pace

Accurate data allows team leaders to make more effective compliance decisions. RightCrowd Access Analytics efficiently delivers user access reporting you can trust, that improves compliance outcomes.

Enterprise IT Environments Are Complex

Modern IT environments have become a complex mix of old legacy applications, in-house off-the-shelf and custom applications, and a growing number of cloud applications. Every application has a different management system and some weren’t designed for external administration at all. RightCrowd Access Analytics lets you report and audit user access for every system, from a single product.

Access Compliance From a Single Source

RightCrowd Access Analytics allows you to identify access risks across every connected system in you business.

Rapid Deployment
SaaS deployment achieves faster time to value than comparable solutions.

Interacts With Any System
Collects user access data from any structured data source.

Automates Data Collection
Up-to-date data, routinely collected from any connected system.

Daily Access Correlation
Collecting and correlating who has access to critical systems everyday.


Frequently Asked

Find out how you can reduce audit preparation time by 95% and improve compliance outcomes with RightCrowd.

Companies typically have more than one ‘source of truth’ when it comes to knowing who is in their workforce. Employees, contractors, students, facility personnel, sub-contractors are managed in one or many HR, Accounts Payable, Contractor, Visitor Management systems and across multiple corporate business units.

RightCrowd Access Analytics collects access data from applications, legacy systems, file shares or groups. Even your physical access data can be monitored.

» Active accounts for terminated staff
» Accounts that have non-expiring passwords
» Account ownership
» Access to file shares
» Access to physical areas 

RightCrowd Access Analytics automates data collection tasks to constantly supply timely access data and helps to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Up-to-date data is routinely collected from any data source in your business. Users can instantly assess the health of access management across your business and quickly determine where remediation is required.

RightCrowd Access Analytics gets you back in control of compliance with easy reporting for:

» User Access Reviews

» Critical Control Reporting 

» Privileged Access Reporting 

» Separation of Duties Reviews

» Audit Reporting

RightCrowd Access Analytics is focused on auditing, correlating and reporting who has access to your data, systems and physical areas. You can configure special purpose metrics to monitor a wide range of security issues without interrupting existing business processes.

Access compliance requirements can be mapped and monitored daily including, security training, privileged access, shared user accounts, foreign nationals access, unused or terminated accounts and many other areas.

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User Access Reviews - FAQ

A user access review (UAR) is the process of reviewing and validating access rights, user roles and privileges to systems, databases and critical information with the objective to demonstrate security and compliance.

The process of a user access review for many organizations centers around:

  1. Planning and selecting the teams or locations to be reviewed
  2. Determining the location owners and system admins
  3. Collecting user access reports and correlating that to identities
  4. Generating and tracking the access reviews
  5. Reviewing user access, and generating modifications and revocations
  6. Capturing audit information and signing off

Have you heard the tale of the intern who has more access rights than the company executive?

User access reviews should be an important part of every compliance program. Ignoring user access reviews creates a number of security and regulatory issues around separation of duties, malicious insider threat, credentials theft, sensitive data exposure and potential system breaches.

User access reviews should recur periodically and at regular intervals by asset owners. To ensure a quality access review, it should be done quarterly or at least once a year to align with best practice and to meet certain compliance standards (ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, SOX etc.) However, depending on the organization, more or less frequent reviews may be required.

Traditionally, the process of conducting User Access Reviews has been manual, complicated and time-consuming work for information security and compliance teams. Even today, delivering accurate, easy to review user access information is incredibly difficult.

In every organization, there are people who’ve accumulated user access to too many systems. Role changes happen so frequently, that team leaders and IT can’t keep up with the pace of change. The IT team have no way of pulling together a holistic view of access and wouldn’t know what systems are appropriate for a person’s role.

By automating user access reviews, you can dramatically increases the accuracy of user and entitlement data, as well as monitor privileged user access, reducing audit preparation time and improving compliance outcomes. IT and Compliance Teams can instantly assess access across their systems and quickly determine where further investigation or remediation is required.